Clear the Garage Clutter

You’ve had enough of the mess in your garage. You just can’t seem to find a way to organize all the clutter. While you have sold plenty of your “junk” in garage sales and have tossed out even more, you still find yourself maneuvering around kids’ toys or bicycles or you can never find the tool you need because you forgot to put it in the tool box. That’s the worst when you need the hammer to fix something inside and head into the cold garage and spend 15 minutes looking!

It’s time to organize!

Take a moment and look at the garage, with the cars parked in the driveway. What’s on the ground? What could be placed on shelves? What could be hung from the exposed lumber? How about hanging from the walls? There are plenty of DIY garage organization systems out there you might be able to purchase, but you could also spend less money and use common/everyday items. Bungee cords bought at any hardware store could tie items up above the cars. You could also buy larger hooks that handle weight to hang bicycles. What if you bought a few pieces of lumber and created a mini-loft and placed items there? Here are some of the ideas we are talking about.


DIY Garage Storage DIY Garage Storage DIY Garage Storage DIY Garage Storage


Your garage is supposed to protect your car. We have allowed it to become a workspace and storage area. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, what if you took a few minutes to think about organization and then found cheap ways to clear that clutter in your garage. Trust us, you will be a lot happier when you need to run into the garage for that hammer in the middle of winter and you don’t spend 15 minutes looking for the hammer!