Choosing the Right Garage Door

Whether your garage door is near the end of its life and you can hear it through the sounds coming from the spring or, it has broken and you want to change, there are few things you should consider first when choosing the garage door that’s right for you.

Garage Door From Norm's Doors

Let’s start with design.

Not all garage doors are the same. You want a door that fits your style but also fits the look of your home. You could certainly choose the same style you had before, but now is the time to think outside the box…and maybe change the look of your house from an outsider’s perspective. If you are planning on moving soon, think about curb appeal. We have access to plenty of specialty garage door products and our consultants can help you make a decision. We also have plenty of Garage Door Specials you should peruse via our website!

Our next piece of advice for you is construction.

This can make a big difference in the feel of the door despite the look of these doors being similar. We are talking about Pan Doors (standard, single-sided steel) or Sandwich Doors (double-sided steel). The basic measurement of this construction is through the gauge of the steel and what’s called “R-value” or how the insulation is measured.

Finally, what options are you hoping to have for the garage door?

Do you want it to have windows? What about decorative hardware? These are the top two questions we get when people are searching for their new garage door. And, you’d be surprised at how many options there are with hardware and windows!

When it comes to windows, you are not sacrificing security when you have them on the garage door. And, double-pane windows can maintain the energy rating of the door.

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