Industrial Garage Doors

To help you decide which way you want to go to choose your new industrial garage doors, here is a break down of the initial advantage factors to sort through:industrial garage doors

Sectional doors:

Very flexible in material (steel and aluminum) and steel gauges.
Various colors of baked-on enamel.
Custom finish (raised panels, flush sections, full view glass or ribbed.
Various window configurations.
Various options for insulation …R-values up to 17.2.
The best government U-values for energy tax credits
Options for friction fit or sandwich (bonded) structure.
Components are readily accessible– making routine maintenance easier.
Replacement of components usually easier then rolling or sheet doors
Torsion spring power unit open; easily lubricated.

Rolling doors:

Guides are durable heavy structural steel little maintenance required.
Springs are enclosed in barrel and hood (not visible).
Curtain has continuous hinge (longer wear).
Configuration of large ‘special’ doors for specific applications.
R-values up to 8.1.
Windows are riveted in place.
Initial cost usually higher due to weight of the door and the equipment and time needed to install it.

Sheet doors:

Lighter then rolling door therefore a larger range in manual push-up.
Best paint warranty in the industry.
Small windows.
Foil covered ‘blanket’ insulation (R-value 3).
Initial lower cost.
Installation time and costs are lower.