Leaving the Garage Empty


Hopefully you have some time away planned for the summer. Even if it’s somewhere close, downtime is necessary to recharge and enjoy all the things you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t forget that a vacant house is a prime opportunity for a criminal to break in. There are plenty of ways to secure your house while you’re gone. Besides, you want to enjoy your vacation without the constant worry about what might be happening back home.

If you can find someone you trust, having a house sitter is the best way to go. They can water plants, feed pets and get the mail. If that’s not an option make sure you get a hold of the post office and stop mail delivery if you’re going to be gone for more than a couple days. There is still the potential that fliers might be left oo your doorknob or porch. You might have a neighbor watch out for those.

You’ve heard it before but don’t forget to put your lights on a timer to emulate someone being home. If you mow your lawn every week you may want to have someone take care of that chore so things don’t begin to look overgrown.

Alright, on to the garage!

Make sure you cover windows in the garage so a potential burglar doesn’t know if you car is gone. Put either a clamp or a padlock on the garage door track. That way if someone tries to slip a hangar in and grab the emergency release cord the door still won’t open.

Some things you may not have thought of but are equally important. Don’t announce you’re going on vacation on social media. It’s tempting to celebrate your hiatus but if the wrong person finds out, there goes all your valuables. Unplug any electronics that might burn power while you’re away.