Cleaning out the Garage

traditional-garage-and-shedSpring cleaning the house is one thing but tackling the garage is another story all together. It just seems like a mountain that’s impossible to ascend. The stuff in your garage is usually way more unorganized, and there can be some heavy lifting involved.  Having a plan and a partner will make it go a lot more smoothly.

Size up what you’re dealing with in the garage

On a nice sunny day pull everything out of the garage and take inventory. You might consider having a friend or family member help out to make it go more quickly. It won’t take long to see what you don’t need any longer. Make a garage sale pile of the stuff you have duplicates of. Make a separate pile for toxic or recyclable stuff.

Once the garage is totally clear

try to visualize where the big things might fit. Make sure to designate areas with access for items you’ll need to get to. If you’re looking to do any improvements to the walls or floors of your garage, now is the time. Label boxes and bins that have contents that are not immediately apparent.

Once the junk items are gone

everything else is organized and accessible you’ll feel a lot better about your garage. Every time you need something it will be easy to find and you should have enough space to actually park a car or two. After all, that’s what a garage is for!