Cleaning and Organizing a Garage are Two Different Things

organizing_a_garageYou can walk into anyone’s garage and you’ll find out pretty quick cars aren’t the only thing in there. There is an excess of stuff that just needed a place to be stored; Garden tools, toys, unused furniture, leftover building materials, Christmas stuff all cause issues when organizing a garage.

So how do you organize all that clutter and still have room left for your cars? Here are some cool ideas to better utilize the storage space in your garage.

  • Organizing a Garage with a Shoe Storage:

A lot of times the garage ends up being the main entrance to the house making it a dumping ground for shoes. A shoe organizer will clear that floor space right up!

  • Organizing a Garage with a Storage Loft:

If you have high ceilings in your garage there is some valuable real estate for storage up there. You could build a loft or overhead racks to really open up some floor space!

  • Organizing a Garage with a Slat Wall:

Slat walls are a great way to hang just about anything and get it off the floor.

  • Organizing a Garage with a Cabinets:

If you are removing cabinets from inside your home don’t throw them out! Hanging them in the garage will make for some nice looking storage.

  • Organizing a Garage with a Pegboards:

Good ole pegboard, it’s been clearing clutter in the garage for years and allows you to hang a multitude of items. Your garage will look huge once you’ve cleared up all that floor space!

Head out to the garage, pull the cars out, and take inventory of everything that’s stealing space. If you’re short on space just apply some of these great storage ideas and enjoy your garage!