Preventing Garage Fires

garage-fireWhen you think of safety in the garage, your first thought is probably about some piece of equipment that is hanging from the wall or ceiling. While that can certainly present a danger, our mind is on something that can be far more harmful and is in a perfect place to grow. We’re talking about fires. It might surprise you that there are more than 6,000 garage fires reported in the United States every year. This results in nearly half of a billion dollars in damages as the fire usually spreads to the conjoined home. That’s not the worst part however; it’s the fact that hundreds of people are injured or are killed in fires that started in the garage.

Keep Chemicals Contained

If you have a lawn mower, snow blower, weed eater, or other gas powered pieces of equipment, chances are that you keep their fuel in a simple container out in the open of the garage. That is more accessible to children than you might think and can easily be bumped into and spilled. The best case scenario is one in which you have a separate location, such as a shed, where you can store any flammable liquids. If you do not have that option, think about purchasing a fire safe cabinet in which you can store and securely lock these contents. Also, always be sure that any flammable items are kept away from electrical appliances and outlets.

Starting From Scratch?

If you’re building a new garage, there are quite a few measures you can take to reduce the chance of a fire in your garage. Starts with making sure that all wiring is up to code and that you never overload a circuit. Electrical shortages are the leading cause of garage fires. If you can, try to use as many fire resistant materials in the build as you can, these will not prevent a fire, but allow for more time to extinguish the flames or evacuate.

Stop in and talk with us about how you can update your current garage to be more fire conscious, or to discuss fire-safe ideas to implement into your new garage.