Put Your Guests In the Garage

Now, we don’t mean this as a punishment by any means. We’re simply pointing out the fact that you could turn your garage into a guest house. Last time we talked about turning the garage into the man cave you always wanted. Sure, that’s great to have if you plan to use it often. Stop and think though, how nice would it be to have guests over during the holidays AND have a place for them to go where everyone gets their space? Sounds pretty perfect for the in-laws, doesn’t it? You already have the foundation so there are only a few steps left to go.

Making the Garage Livable

There are a few things that are essential for the guest house, power and running water. In reality, this project will just be a scaled down version of your actual home. Don’t worry, that means a scaled down price as well. Chances are that you already have power running to your garage as there is likely lights or a powered garage door in place. Contact your trusted plumber to run water from the house to the garage. All that is truly needed after that is insulation.

Repurpose The Garage and Decorate!

Now is where the project can get really fun. This guest house does not need to be a carbon copy of your actual home on the inside. You can utilize a lot of your belongings that have made a home in your basement or attic to fill and decorate the interior. There is no need to go out and buy brand new anything for this build. Shop around at thrift stores, or ask your friends if they have anything they want to part ways with. This is a great chance to be really creative and you could use it as a trial run for a future remodel of your home.