Keeping Your Loading Dock Safe

We see most loading dock repair customers after some sort of accident has occurred at the facility. Unfortunately, loading docks are rife with daily safety issues. There are a disproportionate number of accidents at loading docks each year and, according to the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, U.S. companies lose $80 million a year due to loading dock safety issues and repairs. Here are some important reminders about your loading docks so you don’t need us as frequently and only when you want to install new loading dock materials!

Watch The Elements Creeping Into the Loading Dock

Most of the safety concerns at loading docks deal with workers slipping and falling or hurting their backs when transporting materials from trucks to warehouses. Rain, snow and sleet need to be kept out of the loading dock area. Unfortunately, with open doors, this can be a big issue. We can help with dock seals and shelters that can help keep the elements out and keep your workers safe. You could also consider large, high volume fans placed near open areas.

Loading Dock Barriers

Have you considered hydraulic lock levelers that also have barriers that rise when doors open? Roll-offs and falls from equipment can be stopped with these added barriers. The “lips” rising at least 5 inches off the floor have shown to stop a 10,000 pound forklift traveling at less than 5 miles per hour, keeping workers and equipment safe when the loading dock doors are open.

Controlling Loading Dock Access

This seems like a no-brainer, but theft and vandalism at loading docks because of uncontrolled access is more common than you think. If you can’t have a guard 24/7, surveillance, security keypads and sign-in/sign-out requirements do help keeping the loading dock safe. We can also help with security access to your loading dock as well as other entrances to your facility.