Your Connected Home – Including Your Garage

Smart_GarageOur homes are getting smarter. It was bound to happen as most of the world is connected now and most people want to make their lives easier, including their home life. Smart home systems allow you to easily attain energy efficiency with a connected thermostat, have your lights turn off or on after you leave the home or before you get home, and can control your garage door.

The Connected Garage

Connecting your garage door to the Internet and your hub at home and your phone isn’t entirely new, but it has been updated over the past several years and we are seeing many of our vendors offer it with new installations.

There are so many different ways to connect your garage and make it smarter, we can’t go into them all. We can help you choose the right one for your home, though, such as the MyQ from Liftmaster.

Basically, you’ll be able to control the door from wherever you are connected to Wi-Fi using an app. This comes in handy when you think you’ve left the door open or when you need to open the garage for someone and your not there.

Some of the connected garage door devices even know when the car is approaching the house and will open the door for you without you needing to push a button.

Connected Garage Concerns

There are plenty of stories out there about smart homes and having household items connected that can be hacked by unscrupulous people. This can happen with a garage door if your home Internet, Wi-Fi and router aren’t locked down with strong passwords.

We HIGHLY suggest making sure your smart home is only open to you and you create strong password protections to keep would-be intruders out.

We can help you choose a connected garage door and walk you through the set-up! Give us a call today for options.