Common Garage Door Problems (and Easy Fixes)

broken_garage_doorYour garage door is the largest moving part in your home. It can cause some serious damage or injury if something happens to it and you try to fix it yourself. YouTube DIY videos are great, but for some garage door problems, they can cause more harm. Despite that warning, there are some common garage door issues that you can fix before needing us to come and take a look.

Garage Door Closes then Suddenly Pops Up

This normally happens to the garage door when something is blocking the photoelectric sensor on either side of your garage door. Sometimes these sensors move a little and it appears something is blocking. Make sure to check the alignment.

There could also be a sensitivity issue with the garage door motor. You can adjust this by turning a button on the garage door opener less than a quarter turn to the left. Look at your instruction manual. After you’ve adjusted the sensitivity, put a small piece of wood, preferably a 2×4 flat on the ground where the garage door will come down. When the door touches the wood, it should immediately go back up.

Garage Door Sometimes Opens, Sometimes Doesn’t

When you’re using your remote and the garage door sometimes opens and sometimes closes you more than likely have a dying battery on the remote. Same goes with the battery on your opener right outside your garage door for remote access. Change your batteries ASAP.

Garage Door Off its Hinges, Door Closes Hard

Your garage door coming off hinges usually means the tracks aren’t aligned. While you can re-align your horizontal and vertical tracks if they are loose, we suggest calling us immediately for this service.

The same goes for your door closing too hard. This is more than likely a torsion spring issue. Smaller garages have one spring and larger doors have two.

Torsion springs are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. They can fly off at extreme speeds.

Again, give us a call or fill out a free estimate form and we will be at your home to help you.


The Evolution and Future of Door Locks and Security

door lockDoor locks have only been around for 6,000 years. That might seem like a long time, but in terms of the age of our planet, it’s the blink of an eye. The ability to lock possessions behind the door was one of those breakthrough inventions that really changed how communities evolved. And how door locks and security are changing now will change our communities again. (more…)

Garage Door Design

Garage_Doors_OmahaGarage doors are, obviously, simple; they go up or down either with a motor or by hand. Some can open out, but for the most part, going up and down is about it. What makes your garage door different than your neighbor’s is the design, and there are plenty of people out there who view their garage door design the same way they view their landscaping – is it inviting to visitors? (more…)

Your Connected Home – Including Your Garage

Smart_GarageOur homes are getting smarter. It was bound to happen as most of the world is connected now and most people want to make their lives easier, including their home life. Smart home systems allow you to easily attain energy efficiency with a connected thermostat, have your lights turn off or on after you leave the home or before you get home, and can control your garage door. (more…)

What You Need for Your Loading Dock

Loading_Dock_DoorsWhen it comes to making sure your loading dock is secured and safe, Norm’s Doors is ready to help. And we aren’t just talking about installing loading dock doors. We will help you with any loading dock equipment you might need.

Loading Dock Equipment

We work with several vendors including Pioneer Dock Equipment, Clopay Commercial, Raynor Commercial, and Rytec High Performance Doors for all the products you might need for your loading dock or commercial doors needs.

Let’s talk dock seals since we are getting close to the time of year you’ll need to keep the weather out. Dock seals and dock shelters are a must, and not just for winter. Consider the energy efficiency and money saved with a good dock seal.

Fabric doors can be a great addition to high-traffic areas that need to be sectioned off. These doors require little maintenance, are built custom fit and can have opening speeds reaching 36’’ per second.

Loading Dock Security Gates

How are your security gates doing? Is it time for an upgrade? Are you looking for more security for your business? Controlling access to different parts of your business should be a number one priority. We will work with you to determine the right security gates you’ll need.

Remember, we are a 24/7 service provider. We don’t want you losing money because of issues with your commercial door products. Give us a call to talk about options for your aging commercial doors or if you’re ready for something new!

The Critters And Your Garage

Critters_in_GarageThe end of summer looms and the small animals that have been running around the yard all season are preparing for the cold months ahead…and that means, your garage is calling them. Mice, Chipmunks, possum, raccoons, and snakes are all prepping for winter like we prep for winter, except we don’t want them using our shelter as theirs. Let’s keep the critters out of your garage. (more…)

Your Garage Curb Appeal

Garage Door From Norm's DoorsWe would venture to say most homeowners don’t think about there garage doors until they breakdown. Usually, we get calls for new garage doors when the old one has just about had it or there have been issues with the mechanics. And if it can’t be fixed, we install a new one. But, if you’re moving, or even if you are trying to spruce up your house a bit, one of the best things to change is the garage door! (more…)