Keeping Your Loading Dock Safe

We see most loading dock repair customers after some sort of accident has occurred at the facility. Unfortunately, loading docks are rife with daily safety issues. There are a disproportionate number of accidents at loading docks each year and, according to the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, U.S. companies lose $80 million a year due to loading dock safety issues and repairs. Here are some important reminders about your loading docks so you don’t need us as frequently and only when you want to install new loading dock materials! (more…)

Choosing Your Next Garage Door

“Wait a minute, I already have a garage door”, is what you probably just said after reading the title of this blog. Even if that is the case, this will still apply to you. Garage doors play a much bigger role today, than they ever have. Not only do they serve their main purpose of access to your garage, today’s garage doors now take into account aesthetics and energy efficiency. (more…)

Energy-Efficiency in Garages

In the world of energy efficiency, the garage in everyone’s home tends to be the worst. No one pays that much attention to the heat escaping from the garage or the cool air in winter seeping in. And, some would argue, “Why bother? It’s not important. It’s where we keep the car and store our junk. The problem with that thinking is that you are throwing money out of the house through the garage and onto the street when you ignore energy issues in your garage. (more…)

Where to Start with Commercial Doors

Commercial DoorsWe recently wrote about choosing the right commercial doors for your business and broke down the basics in doors for businesses. We are commercial door specialists in terms of installation, repair and, replacement. We want to make sure your business is not only functioning properly in terms of entryways but also in terms of feeling safe. (more…)

Garage Sale Season is Here!

Spring has sprung and so have the garage sales that go along with it. This is the time of year when spring cleaning not only means removing that layer of dust that has accumulated during winter, but also asking yourself why you still have that panini maker that was gifted to you at your wedding…10 years ago. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to have a garage sale! (more…)

Keep Out!

To many, the garage is the place where vehicles and your overflowing/seasonal possessions call home. This is perfectly fine and normal for most items, but there are some that should not be kept in the garage. Reasons range from how it can impact the item’s “life” to the potential safety hazard it can present. We’re talking paint cans, foods, fuels, and electronics. Did you just do a quick inventory of your garage in your head? You’ll find many of these items in nearly any garage you’d walk in to, even yours. (more…)

Doing Laundry in the Garage

How many times have you planned on incorporating something new into your home only to realize that you don’t quite have the space for it? Where do you turn? To the garage! It’s pretty amazing how versatile a garage can be. It’s like the blank canvas of the home. Depending on its layout, the garage can be the perfect spot for many function specific rooms that would be in the house. Let’s take the laundry room for example. Maybe you have a room currently devoted to it or it’s simply in a room that is the most convenient and unused for now. What if you wanted to change that though? What if suddenly you wanted to use the space that the washer, dryer, and other laundry specific items for something else? No problem! Set your laundry room up in the garage! (more…)

The Revolving Door

While it may be a rare occasion, we’ve probably all encountered a revolving door at one point in our life. It was likely entering a large building that sees a high amount of foot traffic. There is a reason for a revolving door being their choice and we’ll get to that later. As this style of door is virtually never used in homes it begs the question, why do revolving doors exist? Is it simply for aesthetic reasons? Let’s dig deeper into the reasons, which will end up being quite obvious, as to why the revolving door was invented.

The Need for Revolving Doors

Why were revolving doors invented? One story claims that they came about as a means to keep horses out of buildings. That reason may not seem so farfetched as the door was invented in 1888, a time when horses were a main method of transportation.  Another claim is that the inventor, Theophilus van Kannel, designed the door so that he would not have to hold the door open for people as they entered the building. While there are many tales as to the reason behind the revolving door, efficiency is the only one that is true.

Benefits of Revolving Doors

Did you ever get yelled at as a kid to “shut the door, we’re not heating the neighborhood”? Your parents wouldn’t have been able to say that had your house had a revolving door. This is the largest benefit of revolving doors, their ability to minimize the amount of air that transfers between the inside and outside of the home. This reduces energy consumption and thus energy costs. As far as businesses go, this type of door offers even more benefits. They allow for people to enter and exit the building at the same time rather than single file. They also prevent debris from entering the building, great for the fall and winter seasons.

If your business is in need of a new revolving door or other entryway, be sure to give us a call!