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Busted Toys, Bloody Knuckles and World Issues

The kid’s cheap toys broke again, DON’T WORRY…to the cave! What awaits you is only the thin sound of humming lights. While the chaos continues back in the house, you escape! The power drill, fully charged, all the hardware needed to mend, not only the toy, but the sobs of a disappointed child! You throw… Read more »

Room Above, Expanding Your Garage

There is pure genius in discovering something new in something you already have possession of. Whole novels, Broadway plays and one of the most famous children’s stories of all time have enjoyed enormous success with this kind of thinking. Ok, so Dorothy was not tapping her red shoes together for her garage exactly, but that… Read more »

What is in Your Garage?

Your car? Your bike? Sleds? Trash cans? Garden hose? Tools? Half buckets of paint and old rags? Perhaps that unadorned space that you repair broken things or spray paint things to freshen them up? If you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find it’s a place to ‘store or protect automobiles.’ HA! GARAGE is… Read more »

Faux Garage Door Designs

Whether you are looking at your two car family garage or your businesses rows of industrial ports, garage doors can make or break the entire look of your property. Maybe in the past you had to settle for something adequate and functional. It is very important to have your vehicles protected from inclement weather, animals,… Read more »

Garage Floors

Unsightly cracks, flaking paint and the plethora of problems epoxy can create are a few reasons you might need to cover the floor of your garage. Having proper flooring can make it safer and easier to clean. It’s one way to add value to your home or business. After your home, your vehicles are usually… Read more »

Lighting Your Garage

To LED or not to LED your garage, that is the question! If you are thinking about the lighting for a new garage or adding and/or updating your present one, this is a very important decision. How do you feel about the opportunity to get big utility rebates? How do you feel about 77% savings… Read more »

Birds Roosting in Your Garage

It’s for the Birds! No…It’s Not! You are just itching to utilize your garage for that extra work and storage space but wait a minute, so do some birds! What to do? As far as they know, they think you’ve arranged it for them. You must sway them away from the garage. A lot of… Read more »

Eliminate Garage Clutter

The garage isn’t just for storing your car…at least not for most people. It has become the storage for just about anything people do not want in their homes…shoes, tools, old furniture, cardboard boxes that might be used to ship stuff at Christmas, etc. Here are a few ideas to help with all the clutter… Read more »

Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient

Do you look at your garage as an extension of your home or part of the outside world since it’s for outside “stuff”? Most people don’t consider the garage part of the house and this is why it’s more than likely the most inefficient room of your house. If the garage is attached and isn’t… Read more »

Spring Cleaning for your Garage

Let’s talk SPRING CLEANING and your garage! OK…keep reading and don’t grimace. It’s something that should be done…since you clean your house after the long Winter, why would you ignore the garage? WARMER THE BETTER First, wait until a sunny and a little bit warmer day. Start to bring everything out of the garage that… Read more »