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Painting Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a huge part of your home’s first impression. When they’re looking worn it can create the illusion that your whole home needs work. Re-painting the garage door is a job anyone can do and the new look will really freshen up the image of your house. Don’t Paint the Garage Door Wrong!… Read more »

The Garage Summer Project

Warmer weather is coming. Really it is! When spring finally hits what do you have planned? Open the windows and knock the dust off or grab the lawn chairs and kick up your feet in the setting sun? Warm weather projects go smoothly if you have a headquarters. The hub of tools, materials and chairs… Read more »

Why You Need an Automatic Garage Door

While many of you out there already have automatic garage door openers, there are folks who either prefer lifting and closing the heavy garage doors themselves or don’t think an automatic garage door is for them. That’s completely fine, but we want to try and change their minds. Maybe you can help us…if you see… Read more »

Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

Garage doors can be an easy target for thieves to gain access to your home. For most people, when they see a garage door open these days, they think nothing of it. Put a “work truck” in front and your neighbors think someone is just doing work in your house and you let them in…. Read more »