Knowing When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener is a fairly simple mechanical part to your home and is only thought of when it breaks down…or the light goes out. But, there are some good reasons to replacing the opener sooner rather than later especially if your opener has been with you for a long time and you’ve gotten a new garage door recently. New garage door opener models are all about safety, security and convenience these days.

First consideration is the reversing mechanism of the garage door. If you haven’t changed your door since 1993, chances are, you do not have the required safety reversal mechanism. These are the sensors on both side of the door close to the ground that when triggered by someone or something passing through, sends the garage door back up. If you do not have these and have a child or a pet, it is highly suggested to get a new garage door opener immediately.

How loud is your garage door when it opens? Is your opener on a chain system that looks like one on a bicycle? If so, consider changing to a belt drive garage door opener which will be much quieter.

If you lose electrical power can you open the garage door? Newer models of garage door openers have battery backups.

No garage door opener? No problem. Some models of garage door openers come with keypads that can be installed outside the garage door. Newer units are way high tech these days and you might not need to remember a code…you can use your fingerprint!

Lastly, older garage door openers have fixed codes on the remotes meaning someone with a special device could sit outside your home and grab the code when you aren’t home and open the garage door. Newer garage door openers have a rolling code which changes each time you open the door. This is as much a safety issue as the reversing mechanism.

Are you ready to join the new century and change out your garage door opener or the entire garage door unit completely? Give us a call!