Why You Need an Automatic Garage Door

While many of you out there already have automatic garage door openers, there are folks who either prefer lifting and closing the heavy garage doors themselves or don’t think an automatic garage door is for them. That’s completely fine, but we want to try and change their minds. Maybe you can help us…if you see someone getting in and out of their car to open and close their garage door, be good neighbors…share this blog!

Illustration of a garage door.

Illustration of a garage door. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We could just leave it at this. Automatic garage doors are convenient. When the snow hits Omaha and all of eastern Nebraska, getting out of the car to open a garage door seems somewhat disheartening. Let’s also consider detached garages with manual garage doors. You are left out in the cold much longer than you need to be. Heck, you don’t even need a garage door opener if you have a newer car. Programmable buttons in the car will open and close the garage for you. No need to worry if the opener is in the car…it is the car!

Other than occasional safety checks and possibly lubrication of the chains, automatic garage doors are pretty much maintenance free.

Let’s say the power goes out. You won’t be left outside! Most automatic garage doors have a back-up battery power system. But, if you opt out of that, no worry! You already know how to open your manual garage door…you can still open this one manually. But, we suggest spending the extra little bit to get that battery back-up. We’ve already talked you into leaving your manual garage door behind…why keep bothering with one?