Garage Door Limits and Force

Is your garage door not closing all the way or it goes too far past the opening? Does it come down with too much force?  For some, your garage door might need replacement, but for many, there’s a few fixes you can make and all it will require is a stepladder and a screwdriver.

Garage Door up and down limits Norm's Door Service

Garage Door Up and Down Limits

All garage door openers have either dials for force or limit and force adjusting screws. Let’s start with the limiting screws on the garage door opener.

The door cable can become misaligned if the door opens all the way and is too far back. The bottom section of the door should stop right at the head of the garage. If the door doesn’t go far enough back, good luck getting your car or truck in and out. Get on the step ladder and locate the limit adjusting screws – usually, they are on the left side of the unit. If there’s a friend who can help, have them standing by the opener button on the wall. If you need to change the up limit of the garage door, turn the screw to the left. Turn it to the right if you need the up limit to go down a bit. Do this in small increments and each time you do an adjustment, open and close the garage door to see where it ends up.

If your garage door won’t close all the way, change the down limit by turning the screw the same way as above – to the right if it needs to go down more, to the left if you need it to be a little higher when the door is closed. Again, small increments and test the door each time you make an adjustment.

Garage Door Up and Down Force

Your garage door will have screws or dials to fix the force of the door opening and closing. If it’s a screw, turn it clockwise to increase the amount of force required to reverse the door’s direction. Turn the screw counterclockwise to decrease the amount of force. And remember to do this in small increments. Open and close the garage door each time to test. If you have dials, it is the same concept as the screws: clockwise to increase force and counterclockwise to decrease.

If you have done all this and don’t see a change, you should call us and we can inspect the garage door. It might be time for a replacement.