Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient

Do you look at your garage as an extension of your home or part of the outside world since it’s for outside “stuff”? Most people don’t consider the garage part of the house and this is why it’s more than likely the most inefficient room of your house. If the garage is attached and isn’t considered just like a living area, it basically sucks hot air into the home during the summer and cold during the winter.

But, you can change your garage efficiency very easily!

Insulating Your Garage is a first Step!

First, let’s talk insulation. Most homebuilders also don’t view the garage as a room of the house and therefore do not insulate it. The walls are basically sided, sheathed and particle board placed on the inside. You can start here by blowing insulation into your wall space. Also, consider caulking between bottom of the walls and the floor.

How about your garage door? Did you know you could insulate that as well or buy a new door that is insulated?

Let’s talk about that door from the garage into the home!

Do you have weather stripping and a draft stopper? There should be! Make sure the entire frame of the door has the weather stripping and be sure to caulk around the door frame as well.

Do you use your garage as a workshop but are using heaters during the winter? Did you know you could scrap that heater and get cheap solar heating installed with a homemade unit? It’s easy – check it out!

Look down at the garage floor. Do you see lots of cracks? It’s time to seal those and stay flat with the sealant…you don’t want bumps and such when driving in.

It’s a perfect time to start getting this done for your garage and your home. Before you do your spring cleaning, make your garage a more livable space – get a “new room” and make your home more efficient!