Spring Cleaning for your Garage

Let’s talk SPRING CLEANING and your garage!

OK…keep reading and don’t grimace. It’s something that should be done…since you clean your house after the long Winter, why would you ignore the garage?

Garage cleaning

If this is what it takes to get into your garage for Spring Cleaning…you might need help…


First, wait until a sunny and a little bit warmer day. Start to bring everything out of the garage that is moveable and think about taking an inventory. This is the best way to see what you DON’T need anymore. Consider items for a garage sale that you haven’t used in the past 2-4 years and if it’s longer than that, consider the trash can.

Remember, as well, that some items cannot just be thrown away – batteries, gasoline cans, electronics. Check with your local municipality about disposal of those items.


Sweep out the dirt, and then hose out the garage floor as well…using a push broom to get any excess water out. Let the garage dry – which is why doing this on a warmer day is essential. While it dries, take a look at your stuff!


Now that you’ve decided what to keep, sell or throw away, think about moving stuff around in the garage to offer more space. Where can the lawn mower fit better? Can you hang the bikes? Can something be done with the yard tools? Consider hooks and space saving items to take stuff off the floor. How about using a pegboard or reels for cords?


Can you make anything mobile? How about plastic bins with little wheels and putting labels on the outside of the bins?

Think of your garage as an extra room from now on and you won’t worry too much about cleaning it for Spring…or again in Fall!