Eliminate Garage Clutter

The garage isn’t just for storing your car…at least not for most people.

It has become the storage for just about anything people do not want in their homes…shoes, tools, old furniture, cardboard boxes that might be used to ship stuff at Christmas, etc.

Here are a few ideas to help with all the clutter you need to step around as you venture from your garage door to your car and back again.

Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage:

Since the garage is the main entrance for your family and sometime your friends, especially your kids’ friends, a lot of folks make others take their shoes off by the door. And, most of the time, they just sit there, waiting to trip you. Why not get a shoe organizer you can leave by the door? Easy to build from the store and clears the floor.


Storage Loft:

Do you have a high ceiling garage or see a lot of room up there that could be used for storage? How about building a loft? It’s essentially an attic.


Slat Wall:

These have become more and more popular over the years because of how great they are for getting things off the floor and creating more space. You can hang just about anything from them.



Are you considering removing cabinets inside your house and were just going to throw them out? How about hanging them in the garage? If not, you can buy cabinets and install them or, have custom built cabinets installed…clear the garage of everything!



Like a slat wall, hanging peg boards on walls will remove excess clutter from everywhere. When the garage floor is cleared, your garage will look like a huge room!

Take a long look at the garage with the cars not in it…or, if there isn’t even enough room for your car in the garage, change that…it’s easy!