Birds Roosting in Your Garage

It’s for the Birds! No…It’s Not!

You are just itching to utilize your garage for that extra work and storage space but wait a minute, so do some birds! What to do?

As far as they know, they think you’ve arranged it for them.


You must sway them away from the garage.

A lot of birds are protected by environmental laws so you must resist the urge to shoot them. However, they still make nests in your garage door opener or open spaces above, leave unsanitary droppings (often right on your windshield), some make holes and oh yeah, that swooping-down-on-your-head thing when you are in their path.

You can try to always keep the door closed, but your next bet is to try to give them another, more favorable to them, option.

Options Away from the Garage

Bird baths, higher bird houses, even bushes with berries away from the garage. If you can make them feel safe this actually works pretty well.

Another option is to make sure they can not ‘get comfortable’.

There are Sound deterrents that are as well as Netting. That is often used on fruit bearing trees and bushes to keep birds off, works in the garage rafters as well.

Reflectors and/ or Flash tape, will keep your garage walls free for your use.

Balloon Decoys (big eyes) Cut-out photo Decoys (coyotes) seem almost funny to people, but they do fool the birds if you move them around often.

If you have the right wind drafts, Predator Kites are down right fun.

If you still have no joy, there are Bird Spikes. They sound ominous, they just attach in strips and make it so there is no purchase for bird feet to grip on to. They are U.S. Humane Society approved and come in metal or a choice of acrylic colors.