Lighting Your Garage

To LED or not to LED your garage, that is the question!

If you are thinking about the lighting for a new garage or adding and/or updating your present one, this is a very important decision.

How do you feel about the opportunity to get big utility rebates? How do you feel about 77% savings in energy?

Since all the wild weather, how do you feel about LED bollards with enough battery back up to supply lighting power for 90 minutes without wire or external back up system?

Lighting is crucial in a garage.

Be sure to be aware of ‘safety’ before you decide on overhead, natural daylight, ambiance, under cabinet or track lighting. Almost all garages end up with a combination of these.

Door ways, steps, (even a single one) light switches, places where rain, snow, or leaves tend to gather, short walls, handles on doors, cupboards or draws, things hanging from the ceiling or potentially dangerous tools (shovel, picks) all need to be contained or clearly lit.

Solar powered, sensor and motion lights are down right fun.

Jay Leno LED

Nebraska native, Jay Leno, is not only a funny guy who has lots cars, he is super savvy about the garage he keeps them in.

Yes, he whistled long and loud over the initial cost to switch to LED lighting, but after learning how soon he would re-coup the cost in energy savings he jumped in with both feet.

The other fellows who work with him were quick to add that the new lights didn’t make the awful thrumming sound florescent lights made. They actually preferred them.