Faux Garage Door Designs

Whether you are looking at your two car family garage or your businesses rows of industrial ports, garage doors can make or break the entire look of your property.

Photo: R2RFaux.com

Maybe in the past you had to settle for something adequate and functional. It is very important to have your vehicles protected from inclement weather, animals, thieves and be at least compatible with the design of the rest of your property. All admirable, but such dull dogs!

The good news is an attractive garage door adds value to your investment.

They’ve been saying for years that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know that is not true! That cover better let me know what the book is about. In the world of property and business the words ‘curb appeal’ are a serious factor.

In your home, you can have doors that are made of glass that allow for day light and a view from the inside. For a business, letting your customers see you working hard is a plus!

Wood carved in a Spanish style with cast iron embellishments, the open- from-the-center rustic barn charm, ultra modern minimal lines (horizontal or vertical), or the elegant look of beach-washed distressed designs all look fabulous.

In today’s market, you can get a Screen garage covering that works just as a regular garage door, open and closing with the touch of the remote. The real game changer is what can be accomplished with Faux Designs.

This, again, holds true for your home or business. Anything you can do for real, can be done in Faux. It is wonderfully mind boggling to watch a garage door of solid dark mahogany with steel rivets roll down after you back out!