Room Above, Expanding Your Garage

There is pure genius in discovering something new in something you already have possession of. Whole novels, Broadway plays and one of the most famous children’s stories of all time have enjoyed enormous success with this kind of thinking. Ok, so Dorothy was not tapping her red shoes together for her garage exactly, but that was because they didn’t have garages in the Wizard of Oz. YOU do!

Garage Storage Space Garage Storage Space

When is a garage not just a garage?

For starters, having extra living space is NICE. How about that studio you always wanted to have? The very height of the space above the garage gives you some built in privacy and a loftier view. (pun intended!)

This is your chance to have a log cabin in the woods without the log cabin! Your garage door can easily be designed to be looking like it’s made of old beams.

Maybe it’s a serene cottage in the country, complete with breakfast nook?

Aim high, make it a place to send your teenagers and their music to! Or aim even higher and make it a place to send your parents and their music to!

When it’s cold outside, you can be happy to know the beach is not in your yard, but you can still be going up into your own beach bungalow. You can even have a deck!

If already live where it’s warm and you are pleased to stay there, your room above can hold all your treasures your partner ‘doesn’t really care for’ the way you do. Why, that could even be your own fridge for your Limburger cheese.

Probably the biggest asset, after the fact that it’s your to do what you want, is you don’t ever have to worry about bothering the neighbors with any kind of noise you make.