Busted Toys, Bloody Knuckles and World Issues

The kid’s cheap toys broke again, DON’T WORRY…to the cave! What awaits you is only the thin sound of humming lights. While the chaos continues back in the house, you escape! The power drill, fully charged, all the hardware needed to mend, not only the toy, but the sobs of a disappointed child! You throw on your safety glasses and in minutes, you’re ready to emerge from the cave as a hero!

When people think of a garage it normally conjures up an image of cars and containers. A place to throw cardboard until it’s broken down, a great landing pad for all the bikes and strollers, or just a large storage unit with no room left to park the car. The reality, for those who are squeezing the potential out of their garage, is entirely different.

Who easily wins for most epic garage ever?

Batman of course! Although, he has a cave; which may lead you to the all too typical “man cave”. Man Cave is an outdated term. Why not say the bat cave or…the bunker!? I know plenty of women who can navigate the bat cave; and let’s be honest…THAT’S SEXY!

Changing how you refer to your garage is just the start.

Once you get your storage in place, making room for the cars again, you’ll notice the true potential of a cave over a plain ole garage. If insulated properly, organized, clean and heated you have a place to escape, year round.


A simple start to organization…mason jars! They are fairly inexpensive; come in various sizes, and can sometimes be found on Craigslist at a discount. Just make sure you have an ample shelf to set them on. The shelf should be sturdy and level, so it can bear the weight and lower the risk of the jars sliding off. Remember, they ARE glass.

Start thinking about how your garage can be best used.

Like, year round, as a place to find peace and quiet, become a hero of fixing, share in a cold beer with friends, bust your hands up a bit working on your car, or, pull up a chair to talk things out with the neighbor. Once you have a vision of how your space needs to function then suit it to those needs. The result will even surprise you! Remember, it’s not just a garage!