The Garage Summer Project

Warmer weather is coming. Really it is! When spring finally hits what do you have planned? Open the windows and knock the dust off or grab the lawn chairs and kick up your feet in the setting sun? Warm weather projects go smoothly if you have a headquarters. The hub of tools, materials and chairs to rest in when the day ends; the garage!

Garage Clean Up

So what are some things you can do to turn your garage into the summer project slayer? Start small with the most immediate needs first. Picking up, sweeping out and weeding through. You may even find enough stuff to plan your first garage sale. Here is a list to get the wheels turning a bit more.

  • Paint cupboards and drawers with chalkboard paint. Write using an erasable chalkboard pen for easier organization and labeling.
  • Designate zones in your garage. Such as an area for lawn care equipment, tools, food storage and recreational items. If you recycle, create a recycling zone with separate bins for plastic, glass, etc. to make the sorting process easier.
  • Use hooks on the wall for electrical cords, hoses, ropes and bungee cords so that they are accessible and off the floor.
  • Install shelving units into the joists of your garage ceiling for items you do not use frequently. These may include items such as holiday decorations or keepsakes. Once these are stored away properly, you will free up a lot more space on the garage floor.
  • Apply a garage floor coating while you do your spring clean-up instead of waiting until the summer. A coating can protect the surface of your garage from spills and tire treads and make next year’s clean up a breeze.

Remember, start small and branch out from there. With enough effort your garage will be the best in the neighborhood!