Gone Fishing in the Garage

Amongst everything in the garage that needs a home, fishing rods should not be neglected. They get tangled up too easily in other clutter and if you’ve ever caught one to the face you know how essential a good storage spot can be. There’s no better medicine than packing up the gear and heading to your favorite fishing hole.

Starting with the design process

Take in to account how many fishing poles/rods you have and the potential places in the garage they would fit. Once you’ve picked a potential spot, take the longest fishing rod you have and measure to make sure the area will suffice. Don’t forget a little foresight as well. Will you be adding to your collection in the future? If so, plan accordingly.

Scanning the room and finding no available real estate? Look up!

Because they are lightweight, overhead storage is a great option! garage_storage This keeps them easily accessible and completely out of the way. Wherever you end up putting them, here are a few great designs!  Just remember to measure your longest rod first to make sure it will fit in the space you have in mind.

This simple start to organization may just be the catalyst for the rest of the garage. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to tackle all the spring organization that needs to be done. Throw a line in water with this project and you may just catch some inspiration to help with other stuff that’s been piled up in the corner far too long! It’s kind of like a puzzle, once you’ve successfully placed one piece the rest will fall into place.

Get the fishing gear together and go relax, you have all summer to chip away at projects!