Going to the Garage with the Lumber

Lumber-GarageProjects around the house are heating up with the weather, and lumber is starting to pile up. Some of the treated stuff can be left outside but what are you going to do with everything else?!? You may have already lost a parking space just to make room for that stack of half cut, when there’s time, almost done, wood.

When the piece that’s needed ends up at the bottom you end up wasting too much time digging, stacking and re-stacking.

Like any project in the garage when you’re searching for more real estate take the time to plan ahead. It’s a puzzle and lining things up will ensure a smooth layout. Off to the side or completely out of the way on ceiling are great options. Here are some great designs to consider.

You’ve picked a spot and the organization begins but don’t forget to see your projects through to completion.

Owning a home is dream but it can get overwhelming if you let it. Make that list, take care of the stuff that absolutely has to be done first and work your way from there. Too many materials and clutter is usually a sign that you’re biting off more than you can chew.

All the improvements you do may look stunning but just like anything in life, moderation is the key.

Don’t let summer go by without equal time to soak up some sun, relax with loved ones and most importantly spend time with the kids. Re-discover how fun it is to get out on the bike, play in the rain, or just crack some baseballs across the park. Most projects can be put on hold but your kids won’t be young forever. The memories you make with them will far outweigh any project you complete. After all they are your greatest creation.