Your Garage Floor Can Be So Much More!

garage floor 2When was the last time you thought about your garage floor? Right? Garage exteriors and their doors especially, have become more elaborate in their styling over the last few years in an effort to make that part of the home not seem like an afterthought. Garage floors have quietly been catching up in the styling world and there are plenty of options out there that could actually look better and be a better fit for your needs over a standard smooth cement surface.





Options range from:

  • Interlocking tiles
  • Roll-out vinyl flooring
  • Epoxy
  • Peel-and-stick tiles
  • Paint
  • Concrete stain or sealer
  • Carpet

Did that last option throw you for a loop? While it is not a common surface choice by any means, carpet is typically seen ingarage_floor garages that basically act as a show room and not intended for undergoing projects or anything that might ruin the look of the surface.

Garage Flooring to Match Your Lifestyle

With the vast amount of options, you can really give your garage a custom look that separates it from others in your neighborhood. With interlocking tiles and roll-out vinyl flooring, you can easily create a colorful pattern or go with the classic white and black checkered flag look that many auto-enthusiasts like to adorn. Paint is probably the most customizable route to go if that is what you are after; you just have to remember that some chemicals can ruin the finish if they come in contact with each other. Many of the flooring materials intended for garages today have that possibility in mind and contain features that make them less susceptible to chemicals and easier to clean in messy situations.

So think about what would really put the finishing touch in your garage and give some attention to the blank canvas that lies underfoot!