Don’t Go Cold on Your Garage Door Maintenance

It’s a topic we talk about every year at this time but that just goes to show how important it is. There’s almost nothing that winter doesn’t put stress on. Cold temps combined with snow and ice can wreak havoc on your door and its components. Imagine coming home during a blisteringly cold night with howling winds and as you pull up to your home and press the garage door opening button, nothing happens. So naturally you try it again but still nothing. Now you have to get out of your vehicle, potentially carry whatever is in your vehicle to the house and fumble for your keys as you get to the front door. This could have all been avoided with a simple inspection. We get it, it’s cold out and you don’t want to be stuck in it performing inspections and possibly repairs. So that’s why you should call us! We’ll gladly stop by and take care of what is needed to keep your garage door functioning properly this winter!

Up to the task?

If you’re feeling like you’ve got this, then here’s how you’ll want to approach it.

  • Check for broken or worn components :

This is the most obvious of tasks but also the most important. If you know everything is in working order right now, it would be a good idea to take pictures of every component so you can reference them later should something appear to be out of order.

  • Test Safety Features:

Your garage door is likely equipped with a reverse safety feature that will engage and bring the door back up should it come into contact with an object during its down cycle. A great way to test this is to put an inanimate object on a space where the door meets the ground. If functioning properly, the door will strike the object and quickly reverse its direction. Your door may also be equipped with eyes that engage the reverse feature when something passes in front of them. Make sure that these are clean and free of obstruction to ensure they will work properly.

  • Tighten lose bolts

Garage doors go through the same motion far more often than you might realize. When you leave you open and shut it, then go through the same process when you return. That is four trips it has to make. As with most anything that goes through repetitive motions, things such as bolts and fasteners can become loose. Perform a check of these pieces and tighten them if they have come loose but be sure not to apply too much pressure.


This process should be done every few months to be on the safe side. Not only will you have more confidence in your garage door, you’ll extend its life by preventing prematurely wear on parts. Again, if you are not comfortable doing this, do not hesitate to give us a call!