Above the Garage – Stacking Up Space

Building Above GarageSo you’ve been in your home for a while now and it seems that you’ve exhausted every possible method of gaining more space but your possessions just seem to keep adding up. One might suggest putting an addition onto the home but in the tightly designed neighborhoods of today where homes are separated by just a few feet, that usually isn’t a feasible option. So what option does this leave you with? How about building up above the garage?

If your home structure has the ability to support more weight and there are no other hindering factors, adding an addition to the top of the garage can be a great move. This not only takes advantage of otherwise unused space, like any addition, it’ll had significant value to your home and gives you a chance to restyle it’s appearance to one you desire or a modern trend that will help it sell.

It’s All about That Base…Supporting the Garage

While you may have a grand vision in your head already of how beautiful and functional this addition is going to be, you need to make sure that where you’re placing it is going to structurally able to support it. If not, there are a few ways you can bolster its load capacity and a trusted contractor would likely be more than happy to examine the project and explain your options.

Providing All of the Amenities

If the addition is purely intended for more storage space, then it is a pretty simple process from there as you do not have to worry about much more than possibly running a few electrical outlets throughout it and its ability to function with the rest of the home’s current layout. If storage is not your single intention and you’re thinking that this is a great opportunity to finally have a guest room or a new master bedroom, you’ll have to think about plumbing and the potential complications it may present. Again, all of this is a talk you’ll want to have with your trusted contractor before your ideas become too grand.