Doing Laundry in the Garage

How many times have you planned on incorporating something new into your home only to realize that you don’t quite have the space for it? Where do you turn? To the garage! It’s pretty amazing how versatile a garage can be. It’s like the blank canvas of the home. Depending on its layout, the garage can be the perfect spot for many function specific rooms that would be in the house. Let’s take the laundry room for example. Maybe you have a room currently devoted to it or it’s simply in a room that is the most convenient and unused for now. What if you wanted to change that though? What if suddenly you wanted to use the space that the washer, dryer, and other laundry specific items for something else? No problem! Set your laundry room up in the garage!

Getting Started with a Garage Laundry Area

In order for this project to even be a possibility, you must have plumbing for the washer, proper venting for the dryer and the required electrical outlets for operation. If these do not exist in the garage yet, now is your chance to take some time and plan a perfect layout for this new area that will also maximize the usability of the rest of the garage, i.e. parking vehicles and storage of items. This will help to prevent delicate items from being ruined by water should a problem stemming from the washer come about. Venting the dryer is a much simpler task as the materials are very flexible and rather inexpensive to run to the desired venting location.

Personalize it!

After you have designed the layout, now you can have some fun by adding a personal touch to it. We’re not just talking about the appearance of it, but the functionality of it as well. Take a look at your current washroom and ask yourself what would make it better? Would extra shelves help? Maybe a fold down table that could double as a folding station and a treating station is what has been missing. No matter what it is, now is the time to do it. Back to appearance, why not have this area standout from the rest of the garage? Make it fun, make it take your mind off of doing laundry, make it you!