Keep Out!

To many, the garage is the place where vehicles and your overflowing/seasonal possessions call home. This is perfectly fine and normal for most items, but there are some that should not be kept in the garage. Reasons range from how it can impact the item’s “life” to the potential safety hazard it can present. We’re talking paint cans, foods, fuels, and electronics. Did you just do a quick inventory of your garage in your head? You’ll find many of these items in nearly any garage you’d walk in to, even yours.

Preservation is Key

Varying temperatures and humidity levels can wreak havoc on many items. This is especially true for foods, electronics and wooden items. Once foods, even though they may seem sealed, undergo a few cycles of these changes, they can present serious health risks if consumed. It is best to store these items in a controlled environment, preferably cool and dry. Basements are ideal for that task. Food isn’t the only thing that can be ruined by these environment changes, that antique furniture you recently obtained shouldn’t be living there either. Wood is very susceptible to the elements and can quickly change its shape and durability due to exposure. So if you want to help those items retain their figure and history, then you should keep these in a cool and dry place as well.

Game Over!

For an increasing amount of people, video games have had a place in their lives at one point or another. For some they have had such a place in their heart that they have either held on to the gaming systems they’ve had while growing up, or have started to build a collection of the previous systems they’ve had. It’s a trip down memory lane when you hook up and old counsel and your childhood memories of each game and its unique experiences rumble back through the controller. However, it seems to go that you’ll hook up an old system, play it for a while, then disconnect it and put it back in the box until next time. If you want to be able to continue doing that, do not keep it in the garage. Humidity is electronics arch nemesis. If you leave it in a garage that is not climate controlled, you might find that the next time you try to fire it up, it’s simply game over.

If you must store some of these items in the garage, investing in air-tight enclosures as well as a reliable dehumidifier can a good way to battle the moisture. A dehumidifier alone is not a permanent solution, due to how hard it will have to work around the clock to remove the ever-present moisture that is in the garage.