Spring Garage Cleaning

Cleaning_Garage_tipsIt’s a task we don’t want to even take on but we know we have to; garage cleaning. We have spent a few months throwing stuff in and around the garage, where space permitted. We have brought dirt, snow, mud, whatever into the garage with the cars. Now it’s time to get that garage organized. Let’s do it together!

Plan and Prepare

It’s ok to stand in your cluttered garage, sigh heavily, and plan how to fix the problem. First, set aside the day you’re going to do it and make sure you find help; offer that help food or drinks as payment. Look at all the trash and make sure there’s enough garbage bags or know what can be recycled. Make a list: what’s trash, what’s recyclable, what’s donations. If you think there’s a lot to donate, make sure you write down each donation, look at what the taxable cost is and when donating, have them certify the donation list for filing taxes next year. And if you have a lot of junk, look into getting a dumpster dropped off.

Garage Storage Ideas

Once you’ve cleared the junk, consider the storage you don’t have now and think of how that can change. There are cheap ways to hang items from walls or the 2x4s above the cars; peg boards and hooks are always winners. But, you might want to consider cabinet space and table space as well as storage bins. The vertical and ceiling space in your garage is key. Use it!

Labels are the Garage’s Best Friend (and yours!)

Consider putting labels on anything that is in a bin, storage container or somehow hidden from plain view. There’s no reason to waste time searching through bins to find what you need when a simple label on the outside can tell you what’s on the inside.