Where to Start with Commercial Doors

Commercial DoorsWe recently wrote about choosing the right commercial doors for your business and broke down the basics in doors for businesses. We are commercial door specialists in terms of installation, repair and, replacement. We want to make sure your business is not only functioning properly in terms of entryways but also in terms of feeling safe.

Commercial Door Replacement

Let’s start with commercial door replacement and when it’s time to consider changing out your commercial doors. We like to look at security and durability first. An inviting entryway door to your business is fantastic, but how easily can it be smashed or kicked-in? Can you place a roll-down to protect it after the business closes? Next, take a look at cost and style. Both are intertwined. For the most part, you will be choosing between a metal or glass commercial door.

The Right Commercial Doors

Steel or Aluminum commercial doors are the most common your will find in terms of security. These are able to withstand the most “abuse” and do offer a good deal of security.  Glass doors are popular in terms of “look”; these allow for more light and make areas look more spacious. These would include glass sliding doors as well as revolving doors.

Consider installation when choosing commercial doors. Will you have to enlarge the entry to fit the new door? Will you still be able to use that entrance when installation is happening? How easy is repair? We can answer all these questions when helping you decide the kind of door you need.

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