Energy-Efficiency in Garages

In the world of energy efficiency, the garage in everyone’s home tends to be the worst. No one pays that much attention to the heat escaping from the garage or the cool air in winter seeping in. And, some would argue, “Why bother? It’s not important. It’s where we keep the car and store our junk. The problem with that thinking is that you are throwing money out of the house through the garage and onto the street when you ignore energy issues in your garage.


How an Energy-Efficient Garage can Save You Money


There are three reasons you might want an energy-efficient garage door:


  • A leaky garage door on an attached garage lets in the cold and lets out the heat and vice versa depending on season. You raise the thermostat, you spend money.
  • Living a cold climate can make it hard to start your car in the winter if the car is too cold.
  • Using your garage for other projects, not just cars and storage can maximize space in the house, but it can’t be too cold or too hot.


Face it, garage doors leak air. All doors leak a little bit of air.  The only thing that wouldn’t allow for leakage is a wall. So, the the question is just how much you allow to escape or seep in. Insulation in the entire garage is a great way to go as well as finding ways to seal the gaps between the door and the outside without harming garage door movement.


We can talk with you about our energy-efficient garage doors as well as ways to better insulate your garage from the elements. If you’re feeling too much heat now and you know your going to freeze in the winter, let’s chat!