Choosing Your Next Garage Door

“Wait a minute, I already have a garage door”, is what you probably just said after reading the title of this blog. Even if that is the case, this will still apply to you. Garage doors play a much bigger role today, than they ever have. Not only do they serve their main purpose of access to your garage, today’s garage doors now take into account aesthetics and energy efficiency. That’s right, energy efficiency from a garage door. They are also a key focal point when people see your house. Lately, many people tend to have their garage door reflect the design of the house as to have it all flow together. It is a very pleasing looking and will certainly attract potential buyers.

Lower Your Energy Bill!

It makes sense when you realize how large of a surface the garage door is. It’s essentially one of the walls in the amount of space it consumes. That’s a large area for the elements to impact. This comes into account even more so when your garage is attached to your house. There are a few design aspects of the door that will have an impact on how energy efficient the door can be such as window sections, what you choose for the paneling style, and especially the material it is made from. Your average thin steel door isn’t going to do as great of a job as a steal door containing insulation or a wooden garage door.  While the later two options are certainly more expensive, you should look at them as an investment, not a simple cost for your home.

So whether your new home came with stock garage doors or your current garage door is outdated or needs replacing. There’s more to consider than just replacing it with the bare minimum. This is your chance to potentially increase your home’s curb appeal and or its energy efficiency. Let’s talk today about your wants and expectations for a new door!