Your Garage Curb Appeal

Garage Door From Norm's DoorsWe would venture to say most homeowners don’t think about there garage doors until they breakdown. Usually, we get calls for new garage doors when the old one has just about had it or there have been issues with the mechanics. And if it can’t be fixed, we install a new one. But, if you’re moving, or even if you are trying to spruce up your house a bit, one of the best things to change is the garage door!

The Garage Door and the Home Face Lift

Garages take up 30% of a home’s front exterior. Face it, 1/3rd of the home is a lot of the home! People driving by to check out a home-for-sale will look at the garage first and then the rest of the home. A home’s value, for a lot of people, is judged by the look and feel of the exterior. People spend plenty of time on the look of the front door but forget the other, much larger door that is much more prominent. Consider the look and style of your front door and mimic it with the garage. The balance created is very appealing.

The opposite of copying the style of the front door would be to create contrast with the garage door and the rest of the home. Builders tend to match the garage door with the siding of the house. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this. But, if we are talking “face lift” why not make a change like this stand out. Your home exterior is white? Make the garage doors a dark cherry wood. Contrasting colors will make your home standout for sure!

If you are in an older home, chances are, the garage door has been changed a few times and is certainly not the door style that came with the original. If you don’t have access to older photos of the home, look at other designs of the type of home you have and look at older photos. Restoring the garage door to what it was originally can greatly enhance changes, bringing out what the home should probably have stayed looking like ages ago.

Whether you’re remodeling the entire home, a portion of the home or your garage door is just plain old and ready for a change, we can help you choose a style of door that can make your house “pop”…and make the neighbors a bit jealous.