Your Garage Remodeling Project

garage_remodelMost people view their garage as a storage room; park your cars, put your seasonal items up into cabinets or shelves, store your yard and garden implements. But there is a garage remodeling trend happening across the country where the garage is getting looked at as an extension of the home that should be used as a regular room.

Let’s talk about remodeling your garage!

You could go two ways with a garage remodel: organization to make it a more friendly storage space where you can get to your items easily and still park your cars or trucks or turning it into a usable room as in a man-cave or a workshop. Either way, start with your cost.

The average for a remodeling project for your garage is about $10,500. It will be less if you’re keeping your garage as the main place to park your vehicles but are upgrading to new floors and organizing the space. There are several companies out there that will epoxy your floor and change the wall space to allow for hanging of items and cabinets and shelves.

If you’re looking at a complete remodel of the garage, insulating it, changing the lighting and adding more electrical outlets and turning it into a habitable space where you can escape the rest of the house, that cost could jump beyond $15,000.

HomeAdvisor offers some advice and hard numbers to get you going and make sure your project ends up matching your dreams.

We can discuss how you want to change the entryways to your garage to match your changes. Updating the door is part of any garage remodel!