Garage Organization Gifts for Christmas

Are you tired of the garage being a huge, unorganized mess where the cars can barely fit into the assigned slots while your “junk” is hanging loose or piled up on the walls? Let’s talk Garage Organization for Christmas!

DIY Garage Organization

Garage_Tool_StorageEven though we are talking about presents for garage storage, you could make your own fairly easily and there’s still plenty of time left to do it! PVC piping cut and attached to garage walls makes for handy storage of lawn utensils. Garage_Tool_StorageAnd check out the use of old soda bottles for small objects! You’ll probably need to purchase a pegboard to make it easier to get the items on the wall of the garage. If this is going to be a surprise gift, get some help and get the person you are surprising out of the house!

You can find some other great DIY Garage organization ideas here.

Garage Organization Gifts

One of the easiest, albeit expensive, garage organization gifts would be a full system installed by professionals. We are talking about shelves and a desk and hooks to hang bikes and such. You’ll want to call one of the local companies immediately to get it booked, though. Winter is their busy time.

Easy and CHEAP gift that can be placed on the wall buy the garage door – coat hooks. But you don’t need to put coats on them. Anything that can be hooked onto the hooks will have a new place hanging and not on the floor of the garage.

And don’t forget the ceiling of the garage. If it’s open rafters, there are plenty of items you could buy that could use those 2x4s to hang stuff from. Or, using flat boards, you could make an extra space in the rafters and purchase file cabinets to store items up top…using a ladder to get there.

Here are some great garage organization gift ideas!