The Evolution and Future of Door Locks and Security

door lockDoor locks have only been around for 6,000 years. That might seem like a long time, but in terms of the age of our planet, it’s the blink of an eye. The ability to lock possessions behind the door was one of those breakthrough inventions that really changed how communities evolved. And how door locks and security are changing now will change our communities again.

The Mesopotamians in what is now modern day Iraq developed the first door locks that are very similar to what we have today in terms of locks and keys with teeth. They were called pin locks: pins would vary in length locking the wooden bolt and a key with the right pin alignment had to be used to move the pins and move the bolt. This invention forced many guards into the unemployment lines. It also allowed for people to feel safer leaving things at home as well as in shops, if they were able to have a business like that.

While locking bolts were invented then locks with combinations came along, securing valuables meant growth in wealth and business and door locks became vital to society as humanity grew. But, as we all know, thieves always find a way around things if they really want to get in. Even with secure metal locks, thieves discovered the “skeleton key” could get them into any locked room by filing down key notches.

When we talk about door locks today, we talk about pin pads with codes or even fingerprints or facial recognition that can unlock doors. These are the best ways to get around “lock pickers”. With doors now being connected to smart homes, you can lock doors using your phone thousands of miles away.

Door locks and security for business, secure gates and loading docks can’t just be lock and key entryways. Door lock security is something we hare at Norm’s Doors can help you with immediately. Give us a call to help ensure your home or business and possessions are completely secure!