Getting Your Garage in Order

Spring is right around the corner and we can almost feel it! As exciting as that is, it also means you’ll soon have to get your garage back in order after packing it full of stuff before the winter. This is a task that is talked about every year. Even though it’s talked about yearly, it seems each time we have a new or improved way of doing this task more efficiently. After all, who wants to spend their entire spring inspecting the garage? If you do, you can stop reading this blog right now!

Clean, Inspect, Repeat


While getting your garage organized is a priority, making sure it’s in working order and safe should be most important. In order to properly inspect your garage door and its components, you’ll need to give them a proper cleaning. This allows you to perform a visual inspection before having to put the components to the test. Putting the components to the test can result in damage that could have otherwise been avoided during a visual inspection. Cleaning the tracks, springs and opener itself is going to be crucial in ensuring you can see any faults that might be hiding under that layer of dust and debris that has built up over the winter. Be sure to not remove any of the lubrication on the system. Use a suitable lubricant before operating the equipment again if you do remove any of the lubrication.

If you find any damage or curious aspects of your garage door system, or if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll come out to inspect it for you. Our trained professionals can repair it and have it back up and running in no time!