Would a Garage Living Space Be A Good Fit for You?

 Pros of a Garage Living Space

The biggest advantage to a garage living space is having an extra room in your home. Maybe your house is a little too small and it requires another room. Maybe adding a man-cave, a place for your kid’s band to play or a game room sounds appealing. You have the freedom to convert your garage into any type of room you want since you will be starting from scratch. Transforming your garage into a livable space is a wonderful way to add a room to your home without adding on to your existing house. It certainly would be cheaper than building on to your home. A garage living space would be a great place to have a party with friends or a spot for your kids to spend time with their friends.

Cons of a Garage Living Space

Though, there are many advantages to a garage living space, there are certainly disadvantages too. You no longer would be able to park your car in your garage, making it susceptible to hail damage or other weather related damages. You also lose valuable storage space. Garages are normally used to store a lot of different items such as tools, bicycles, lawn mowers and more. You would need to find an alternative storage option for all of those things. Converting your garage into a living space may also be pricey. You would need to insulate your garage or maybe even install a heating and air conditioning unit. There also may be regulations that you would need to follow.

Final Decision: Should You Transform Your Garage?

Is having an extra living space in your home worth giving up all of that storage space? Are you comfortable parking your car in the driveway or on the street so you can have an extra room for your home? There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to converting your garage. Ultimately, making the decision to convert your garage depends on each individual’s preference.