Can Your Garage Be Too Hot?


You step into the garage and feel it: summer temperatures along with humidity are here and with a vengeance. Most of us don’t heat our garage, unless we’ve converted it to a man cave or a working garage. Is there any reason to worry about the heat in your garage? It depends on a few things.

The Heat Can Destroy Some Things In Your Garage

If you have electronics in the garage, the heat can harm the circuits. Electronic systems run at a hotter temperature already, so if you have electronics that run in the garage but don’t have a cooling system, the circuits could fry in extreme heat; think about radios or an old computer you keep on the workbench.

Your car has electronics as well but since they aren’t running in a closed garage, those should be OK.

Be wary of any food items left in bins in your garage. The bins could have issues with extreme heat leaving food inside exposed. This leads to animals coming into the garage, which leads to…

Furry Friends in a Hot Garage

Animals like to find shady spots in extreme heat. They also like to look for food. Be on the lookout for critters and get them out ASAP.

A 120-degree garage or higher can cause any animal to have heat problems. Don’t leave dogs or cats in the garage just like you wouldn’t leave them in the car. And if you’ve gone out to the garage and left the door open then went back in, make sure your pet didn’t follow you.

Your Hot Garage Costs You Money

You are trying to cool the house and not the garage. We get it. But the extreme heat in the garage can cause you’re A/C to work harder since heat is coming in from the garage in places you do not expect.

Insulation is your friend. If you have rooms above the garage, be sure the insulation between the spaces is up to par. Even if you don’t, make sure the garage is insulated and it will help the whole house.