Clean Your Garage Fast and Easy

clean-GarageCleaning your garage is one of those one projects no one likes. It’s probably top of the list for most. You don’t need to be overwhelmed and you certainly don’t need to keep putting it off. It will get cold in a few months and then get even dirtier for winter. So, here are a few tips to get your garage cleaned before the cold and more “user-friendly”.

Clear the Garage, Grab Supplies

Pull everything out of the garage.


We know many of you are thinking that’s ridiculous, but if you clear it all out you can see what needs to be thrown out. You really didn’t need to save that box and when was the last time you used that hand saw sitting in the back of the tool area?

Once you start clearing and realize there’s plenty to donate or just recycle or trash, you start to minimize the mess before you even start cleaning.

Once the garage clutter is cleared out, make sure you have the basics: broom, bucket and mop or consider power washing. Also, consider storage bins if you don’t have any.

Garage Storage Solutions are a Necessity

There’s no need to have stuff on the floors of your garage. Garage storage solutions are simple to put up and many are priced at affordable levels. Wire shelving units are easy or simple or, you can use old PVC pipes and work some handyman magic to create great garage storage ideas. Here are a bunch of ideas for you!

Moisture is your biggest enemy in the garage. Keeping things off the floor and having good airflow saves nearly everything in the garage.

Garage Floor Cracks, Hazards should be Fixed

With everything off the floor, it’s time to fix the hazards and cracks that permeate the garage floor. Spray-in foam or sealant works well and there is also protective coating for the entire floor.

We talk about garage floor finishing options here.

Cracks can get larger and any other crumbling wall problems could damage cars. There are a lot of options out there in terms of garage floor protection, but be sure to fix the cracks now.

Wash the Garage

Really, this is the easiest part. Either you’re going to just clean what you can or sprays wash the entire garage. Either way, clean it well and let it dry out before putting all your stuff back. Hopefully, it’s not all your stuff since you’ve organized and threw out a whole bunch of stuff!

If you are power washing, be careful of the drywall, if you have any. And be sure to completely dry the floor out. Use fans if needed.

And, with your garage clean, maybe it’s time to take a look at your garage door? Something new can really change how you feel about the part of your house usually ignored!