Why You Need Storm Doors

Storm-DoorsIn warmer climates, you don’t usually need storm doors, but they can help keep the cooler temperatures in and the warmer temperatures out…and vice versa in the cooler months. In our climate here in Nebraska, a storm door is a necessity for many different reasons. Here are just 3 reasons to install a storm door.

“Building Envelope”

Have you heard of the term “Building Envelope”? Imagine placing your home inside a sealed envelope. The separation between your environment and the outside environment is crucial based on your heat or your air conditioning. The building envelope is what saves you energy leakage and defends you from the weather. Now, take a look at your doors and consider if they are tightly sealed or if you could add an extra barrier. A storm door with a tight seal can act as that extra barrier.

Take a look at your entryway door. Is the seal tight? Is it an older wooden door? What is the protection from the weather; is there a front porch or an overhang that protects the entrance? If that’s the case, a storm door might not be necessary. Does the sun hit your door for several hours each day? If so, according to the Department of Energy, you should probably skip the storm door. The glass will trap heat against the entry door and could damage it.


Storm doors offer an extra bit of security guarding your home from intruders. 70% of burglars enter homes through the front door. You can have a great solid wood door, but adding a storm door with a lock can deter would-be burglars. They will have trouble kicking the storm doors in and if you add a floor lock to the storm door, there’s no way they could reach down and open it if they break the storm door window.

Storm Doors Prevent Front Door Damage

You may have gotten a front door that adds to your décor. It might have been a huge investment. A storm door can help protect that door, especially during the winter. Rain, sleet, snow can cause damage each year to your front door. The protection a storm door offers can minimize deterioration of your new front door.

Unpredictability of the weather is a good reason to consider a storm door and Norms Door offers a variety of storm doors to fit all your needs. Contact us today and we can help.