How Safe is Your Workplace?

Workplace safety for your business is always at the top of our minds, just like it is for you. You should always be prepared whether you are a retail shop owner or a closed business with public access points. Security is more than just access doors, which we do know a lot about. Here are 3 ways to keep your business and yourself safe.

Everyone Needs to Be Aware

Everyone in your business should be thinking about security. We aren’t talking about being scared all the time or worrying about safety. We are talking about building a culture in your business where workers are educated on how to handle security issues. Complacency is always a problem. Holding regular meetings about security will keep your staff from falling into the complacency trap. Policies that you teach your workers will only ensure their safety.

If everyone on your staff feels responsible for workplace safety, your business will be able to handle any situation that could arise.

Security Access – Safe Entryways

How do people gain access to your business; to inner rooms beyond your front entrance/front desk? Having proper access systems is a must to ensuring peace of mind and keeping your co-workers safe.

Access systems are always changing and being updated, and most people are aware how keyless access systems work. There are many systems where you can track specific keyless entry and give some people access during certain hours and keeping them out during others. We offer a variety of access systems for businesses entrances. We can work with you to figure out what will work best.

Think “Big Picture Safety”

Workplace safety needs to be viewed in a comprehensive manner. There’s physical safety as well as digital safety. As a business owner, you need to consider all of the ways someone could harm your business, and this includes digital attacks. There are different levels of security that include monitoring software and Internet usage as well as monitoring your workers or even potential workers. During an interview, do you consider how “safe” the possible new employee may or may not be? Do you feel like this person is trustworthy?

Trust your gut. Consider all options. Talk to us about secure entryways.