Your Garage Man Cave and Winter

If you have a man cave in your garage you know it’s the place you go to kick back, crack open a cold one, and turn on your TV. It’s your escape from the hustle and bustle of a long day. Now think if one day you went out to your garage and your TV no longer worked or your furniture was damaged. If you live in the Midwest this could become a reality once winter hits.

What Struggles in Winter Weather

Living in a colder climate area means certain items in your garage might not do so well when temperatures drop. That fridge where you keep your drinks and food, works best at temperatures between 65 and 78 degrees. Once you start dropping into colder temperatures the fridge’s insulated doors are unable

to protect perishable items from freezing. The flat screen TV you love also works best between 50-90 degrees, and can only be stored in temperatures as low as -4 degrees. If you are operating the TV in the cold you may experience picture lag, and if it’s stored in extremely cold temperatures it may not turn on at all. All this bad news may make you want to slump back in your chair. However, even chairs can experience damage from extreme temperatures. Changes in temperature and humidity can warp the wood in just a few short months, making it unusable. There’s good news though all of these problems can be avoided with a few adjustments.

How to Enjoy Your Man Cave Year Round

When it comes to the fridge your best bet is to unplug it in the winter and store all of your food and drink in your main fridge. Once temperatures start to warm up in the spring you can start using it again. As for the TV using a heater when you’re in the garage can help warm it up. If you do this wait about an hour before turning on the TV, so the extreme temperature change doesn’t cause condensation inside of it. Finally for the furniture you can purchase patio furniture, since it is more resistant to changes in the environment, or purchase furniture that is not made from any wood material. With your man cave now fully prepared for winter you can hibernate in peace until the snow melts.