Should You Insulate Your Garage?

Many garages remain un-insulated causing the temperature to usually be too cold or hot. A lot of people just deal with a freezing cold or steaming hot garage, because they are barely in it. The question on whether or not you should insulate your garage depends on a few things.


You Use Your Garage Year-Round

If you use your garage for more than just storing your car you should consider insulating your garage. Today’s garages can be used as workshops, workout rooms, and recreational rooms. When you live in an area that has cold winters and hot summers that limits the amount of time you will use the garage for these activities. By adding proper insulation you will be able to comfortably use your garage year-round.

garage door insulation

Your Garage is Also Your Storage Unit

Many people use their garage to store large things like bikes, kayaks, and skis. Some people also store things like TV’s, gaming consoles, and old furniture. If your garage gets humid it can cause rust and mold to develop, ruining stored items. With a well-insulated garage you can feel confident knowing your property won’t be damaged by fluctuating temperatures.


You’re Constantly Going In and Out

If you’re someone who is always going in and out of your attached garage you might be making your heating and air conditioning work harder. Every time you open the door you’re letting the cold or hot air from your garage into your home. This makes it harder to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

You Have Pipes and an Upstairs Room

If you have pipes running through the garage you need to have insulation and heat to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Also, if you have a room directly above your garage it is going to be subjected to the temperatures found in your garage. This will make it much more difficult to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

Remember the Garage Door

If you do choose to insulate your garage it’s important to also remember to insulate your garage door. If you need help choosing your garage door we’d be more than happy to help and can also provide you with a free estimate.