Access Control

Access Control For Businesses

Managing access to your business is a top priority for you and for Norm’s Doors. Proper access control adds an access control omaha neimportant layer of security not only for your product but also for your co-workers. We work with many different access control systems that offer a variety of functionality levels customized for your business needs.

 Access Control Security Systems

Allowing access to your business, for some, goes beyond the front door and your loading dock or employee entrance. All security systems that allow for entryway access can be set-up for certain times of day to allow access and can use cards, codes, fobs or even fingerprint technology.

Some business owners need interior access control in order to limit entry into certain parts of the building…think restricted access or even access to meeting rooms. We will sit with you and go through your physical building section by section to determine which type of security system and access control you’ll need based on size of building and needed applications.

Access Control for Payroll Efficiency

commercial access control omaha neBeyond physical security keeping doors locked and intruders out, access control systems can also help with payroll efficiencies. Employees entering and exiting a building using codes or fobs can be tracked and tied into payroll applications.

Many businesses need to be able top track building access remotely and all of our access control systems offer that ability if needed.

The technology for access control and security systems changes constantly. Many of us already have keyless access to our cars. These access control systems are simple and already ingrained into our daily lives.

Contact our team today to start discussing your security systems concerns and let us show you which access control system is best for your business!